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Helping businesses, research institutes, and higher education build world-class data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence groups that drive measurable value for over 20 years.

Leverage Technology with Tangible, Rapid Returns

Fariel Strategic Consulting Services

Gabriele Fariello, principal and managing partner, bruings decades of experience creating, growing, or turning around groups to become world-leaders in data science, computational biology, neuroinformatics, healthcare, online-learning, and enterprise systems. If you are seeking to build the "World Series" champions of computing groups on a "Money Ball" budget in record time, you will not find anyone with a better track-record.

Select Career Highlights Include (Alphabetical Order):

  • Assistant Dean for Computing, Harvard's Engineering School
  • Chair, Harvard Engineering School IT Steering Committee
  • Chair, Harvard University Access to Institutional Data Strategic Initiative
  • Chief Information Officer, Harvard's Engineering School
  • Chief Information Officer, University of Rhode Island
  • Chief Information and Technology Officer, SmartPoints Medical, Inc.
  • Co-Chair, Harvard University IT Talent Acquisition, Diversity, and Retention Committee
  • Co-Chair, Harvard University Research Computing Council
  • Co-Chair, Harvard University Research Data Initiative
  • Co-Chair, IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics
  • Council Member, Harvard University CIO Council
  • Director of Clinical Research Informatics, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Founding Manager, Bioinformatics Systems Administration Group, Millennium (Takeda) Pharmaceuticals
  • Head of Neuroinformatics, Harvard University
  • Instructor, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Harvard
  • Researcher in Neuroformatics, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Technical Lead for Global Pharmacovigilence, Millennium (Takeda) Pharmaceuticals